Yoga infused


Yoga infused psychotherapy sessions can include introduction and application of tools including mindful movement (asana), breathwork (pranayama), sound (mantras), gestures (mudras) meditation and relaxation techniques. Using yoga techniques in session can help to establish a more grounded presence, as well as restore wisdom and intuition. These are tools that can then be taken with you and applied outside of session to more mindfully navigate challenging emotions.  


Sometimes it is impossible to find time to make it into my office in Decatur or Alpharetta for an appointment. The great thing about my practice is that it can be with you on the go. We can do online Teletherapy / Telementalhealth sessions in order to accommodate a busy schedule. I am currently licensed in GA, NC & KY.


Clinical hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis by a thoroughly trained licensed mental health clinician. Hypnotherapy is merely the tool to engage healing, it doesn't provide the healing itself. This effective technique is used to treat many mental, emotional, and behavioral issues and disorders, including anxiety, phobias, depression, performance inhibitions, trauma, physiological pain, etc. In clinical hypnotherapy, you are completely aware of and in control of your actions and experiences. During this heightened state of relaxation, I utilize therapeutic interventions to help address issues causing you discomfort or pain, which has shown to be more effective than conventional talk therapy alone.

Simply put, hypnosis is a heightened state of relaxation and awareness that allows us to bypass the "critical self"-- that inner-voice that provides skewed messages about ourselves and others, stemming from  a collection of our lived experiences.