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Stress Relief & Self Care

Relaxation techniques are an essential part of stress management. Because of your busy life, relaxation might be low on your priority list.  Don't shortchange yourself.

Everyone needs to relax and recharge to repair the toll stress takes on your mind and body.

Almost anyone can benefit from relaxation techniques, which can help slow your breathing and focus your attention. Common relaxation techniques include meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and yoga. More active ways of achieving relaxation include walking outdoors, exercise, or participating in sports.

It's important to remember "one size does not fit all" with relaxation, and it really doesn't matter which relaxation technique you choose! 


Let's explore and identify a technique that works for you.

If you’d like to explore stress relief and self care to more mindfully navigate life’s emotions, I invite you to contact me today for a consultation. Offering sessions virtually throughout Georgia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina & Kentucky.


Stress Management Techniques:

evidence-based procedures that reduce stress and promote health

Article by Liza Varvogli , Christina Darviri

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